Thursday, August 28, 2008

"Get over it," NY governor says to Hillary haters

By DeWayne Wickham

DENVER - If you're one of those Barack Obama supporters who is still holding a grudge against Hillary Clinton - even after the speech she gave Tuesday night - New York Gov. David Paterson said you need to get over it.

Paterson, who is legally blind and currently one of only two black governors, told me this morning that people ought to understand the frustration of the woman who were Clinton's core supporters.

"They know they don't want John McCain, but they just inwardly feel 'when is this party going to recognize us? When are they going to stop having an old boy's network?" he believes these women asked themselves.

Many of them took Clinton's defeat personally, Paterson said. And many blacks would have had the same reaction if the outcome of the campaign for the Democratic Party's presidential nomination had been different, he said.

Her supporters had to get over the feeling of being shutout, Paterson explained. He believes they now understand that an Obama victory in November will open up greater opportunities for them, too. And Hillary Clinton's strong call for unity during her keynote address may have increased the Illinois senator's chances of wining the presidency in November.

"You haven't worked so hard over the last 18 months, or endured the last eight years, to suffer through more failed leadership," Clinton said in a pointed call for her supporters to rally around Obama. "No way. No how. No McCain."

Now maybe it's time for the Clinton bashers in Obama's camp to reply: "No hard feelings."

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