Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Seating depends on stand

By DeWayne Wickham

DENVER - At this gathering of Democratic Party faithful, where you sit doesn't depend so much on where you stand as it does on what it will take to get your state to take a stand in support of Barack Obama's White House campaign.

The best seating in the Pepsi Center is located on the floor of the arena just in front of the speaker's podium. Those seats, understandably, have been given to the delegations from Illinois and Delaware, the home states of Obama and his running mate Joe Biden. The next best seats, on either side of that section, are reserved for delegations from the battleground states of Florida, Michigan, Nevada, Indiana, Colorado, New Mexico, Virginia and Michigan.

Apparently the thinking is that giving these delegations such a prominent position before the television cameras might excited voters in their home states to join the Obama bandwagon.

Getting a few of these states into Obama's win column on election day could determine where he will sit in the nation's capital after voters go to the polls in November.

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