Saturday, May 7, 2011

Donald Trump is a chicken hawk

By DeWayne Wickham

Remember that profanity-laced speech Donald Trump gave in Las Vegas not so long ago?

I'm talking about the one in which he referred to Obama as a weak, pathetic leader. In that speech "The Donald" talked tough about how, if he were president, he wouldn't let oil producing nations jack up the price of gas. "You’re not going to raise that fucking price," is what Trump told his audience he'd tell them.

Remember that?

Trump got a standing ovation from his audience – and an awful lot of media coverage of that speech in which he portrayed himself as a no-nonsense, take-no-prisoners badass dude who would bring a new toughness to the White House.

Well it turns out that when he had an opportunity to REALLY fight for this country; Trump didn't have the guts to do it.

During the Vietnam War Trump did what a lot of rich boys did back then: he got one deferment after another to duck military service. Between 1964 and 1972, when more than a million men were drafted into the U.S. military, Trump got six deferments to keep him out of the nation's Armed Services, according to

But don't expect Trump to own up to ducking military service. When asked why he wasn't drafted during the Vietnam War, "The Donald," according to CBS, never admitted getting all those deferments. Instead, he said lamely: "Well, I actually got lucky. I had a very, very high number, and they never got up to that number."

That makes Donald Trump a chicken hawk; someone who talks tough, but lacks the courage to serve his country in time of war.

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John said...

It is easy to talk tough when you have no ability to actually affect change. What I don't understand is why the media plays to Mr. Trumps narcissistic posturing? What about this man, other than his money and his fascination with himself, makes him news worthy?