Tuesday, April 28, 2009

A Jamaican restaurant in Germany

By DeWayne Wickham
BERLIN - I'm in Germany's capital covering a meeting of former African presidents, American and African educators and students who are discussing the thorny issue of land ownership in Africa. During a break in the proceedings, I had dinner at Ya-Man, Berlin's only Caribbean Soul Food restaurant. What a thrill. The food was fantastic - and as you can see from the below picture, there were sa couple of fun-loving people there, too.

The sister, who looks like she's about to take flight, is Norma Dias, who recently moved to Germany from England, where she ran unsuccessfully for a seat parliament in 2005. The brother is singer, dancer, producer and all-around-great-guy Kevin Booker, who came to Berlin 16 years ago to do a gig and stayed.
Booker is the nephew of actor/producer Tim Reid and a charmingly gregacious host to the African Americans he encounters in Berlin. Booker is fluent in German, drives a 50-mile-per-gallon Smart car and lives in a tony apartment building, in the historic center of Berlin, that overlooks the Spree River.

If you're even in Berlin, you've got to eat at Ya-Man and hope you cross paths with Kevin Booker.
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